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Jan Jongsma B.V. is a family business that is specialized in the transport of oversized loads, we have specialized in the transport of oversized Tanks and Silos.

Unburdening the customer is one of our core values, we can provide a complete transport process for our customers, such as:

* Transport by road

* Transport by water

* Lifting 

* Request necessary permissions and permits

* Route adjustments

* Assembly/Disassembly

* Montage

Are you also facing a logistical challenge? Please feel free to contact us, without any obligation, and we will look together with you to see how we can best serve you.

Contact Persons.


(+31) 620821309

Jan Jongsma

Director / Sales

(+31) 622449853

Kris Jongsma
Joery Jongsma


(+31) 623560804

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